MABEL LAKE 2021 Protocols

Please read before arriving for golf or dining



  • Pre-booked tee times are encouraged. 
  • Book online or by phone by calling 250-838-0881.
  • If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please DO NOT COME to the golf course.   


  • Please arrive at the golf course no earlier than 20-minutes prior to your tee time. This will allow enough time to complete your check in transaction and get to the first tee.
  • POWER CARTS will be available to all of those wishing to ride. Power carts as always are first come, first served
  • Arrive prepared – we encourage you to be proactive and responsible in bringing your own hand sanitizer for use while golfing.   


  • Ball washers have been removed, except on Par 3’s (please bring your own damp towel).
  • Rakes have been removed – Covid-19 local rule is in place to allow you to ‘foot rake and place’ your ball as needed.
  • Please also do your best to ‘foot rake’ your steps as you exit bunkers.
  • Sand and seed bottles have been removed.
  • One on-course washroom will be open.
  • Washroom facility in the Clubhouse is open, and primary touch points will be consistently sanitized.
  • Garbage – please ensure ALL garbage is either taken with you, or disposed of properly in garbage cans. Please respect our staff by NOT littering anywhere on the course or parking lot. Note that we will NOT be separating recyclable containers during the pandemic – we encourage you to take all recyclables to your home, or use proper containers on the course.   


  • Sanitization station will be provided at entrance/exit of the restaurant.
  • Space has been increased between tables (minimum of 2 meters).
  • Tables and chairs cannot be moved in the lounge or on the patio, or it will affect our capacity.
  • Once you have been seated you must remain at your table for the duration of service. We cannot serve you unless you are seated.
  • You are limited to sitting at ONE TABLE per visit. No table hopping or moving to a different table permitted.   


  • Leave the property as quickly as you can after playing or dining – no socializing in or around the clubhouse OR IN THE PARKING LOT.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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