Airport real estate is a rare commodity in Canada. There are between 6-800 fly-in communities in the United States, yet few in Canada. Mabel Lake Resort and Airpark was built as one of Canada’s first true Airparks — where you can drive to your front door, or taxi to the back.

Finding a majestically beautiful place to live, along with the convenience of having your airplane on your property are just two of the many reasons that buyers look to purchase airport property at Mabel Lake.  In addition to offering peace of mind, in knowing where your aircraft is parked, and who goes near it – owning a home with a private aircraft hangar allows you to take off to other parts of the country whenever you like—with no waits or long drives to a commercial airport. If you have a passion for flight, then you owe it to yourself to check out Mabel Lake Resort and Airpark.

Mabel Lake Resort and Airpark is accessible by paved road from Enderby, but more important and unique is the fact that it is also accessible by air, and once landed, you can taxi right up to your doorstep or private hangar and park your craft.

This pilot’s family vacation paradise was developed in 1991 by the Laursens.  A weekend retreat, a family summer home, and lots of fresh air activities — like a 9 hole golf course, a full service marina and a sandy beach — all wrapped up in one location and connected by golf cart paths.

You now have a chance of acquiring a piece of British Columbia’s finest airpark: one that has roads leading to the front of your site and taxiways leading right into your backyard, off a 2900′ irrigated grass airstrip considered to be one the very best grass strips in North America. And being a Golf Cart community as well, once you’ve parked your plane, scoot around on the designated, paved cart/cycle/walking paths connecting you to all the amenities the resort has to offer.

Although the development was truly designed with pilots in mind, it is also the perfect place for those who have a passion for aviation and who are looking for a fun loving, relaxing vacation centre.

The airpark consists of recreational building lots, homes, condo’s and townhouses. Although resales are scarce, they do come up on occasion. Please check with Mabel Lake Resort, at the Golf Clubhouse, or the Mabel Lake Store for a complete list of Mabel Lake properties, including Lakeside Estate Condos, Golf Course and Airpark properties, and Seasonal RV Park sites.